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Single People Can Have Fun In the Summer Too!

single people dancing

Most break ups happen in the Spring time. People want to be free to date other people in the summer time. But not to worry. If you recently had your heart broken, embrace it and deal with the hurt. Look forward to an awesome summer. Single people are able to get up and go whenever and wherever they please. They are in charge of their own plans. That is the best feeling. Single people do not have to ask permission to cancel date night to go out with friends. They just go and meet up with their friends and meet more new people. Do not be afraid to come out of your shell. Be an extravert and make a new friend every time you go out to a lounge, concert,  barbecue, beach, and having lunch in the park. It is a known fact a person can easily make friends when they are out alone. A person is more approachable when alone.

Single people can have fun in the summer too . A person does not always have to be in a relationship to have fun in the Summer. A person does not have to be  afraid to go to a barbecue or a lounge alone. He/She will meet people on his/her own. Remember to always be safe when going out alone.

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Always remember what you feel inside will show outside. It is important to feed your mind, body, and soul with positive thoughts. Believe in yourself and trust your instincts. What you think about yourself will show by your actions. Walk with a great posture and have a smile on your face. Do not be afraid to have eye contact with other people you encounter. Never look down.

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Words of Wisdom from Brendon Burchard

Brendon Burchard is on point with his words of wisdom:

Before the week begins, ready yourself for dealing with difficult people. Here’s how:

1. Keep perspective… People are struggling just like you. Don’t lose your connection with humanity’s struggles. We make all these assumptions about people – “well, they’re just so stupid or there’s something wrong with them” – and we never know their real story. The person frustrating you might be dealing with difficulties and chaos you are unaware of.

2. Ask, “Have I been truly clear with people about what I think, want, and need?” Most folks who you’re frustrated with…they often don’t know you. And whose fault is that? Is their fault? Are they just supposed to know everything going on in your life? We have to be accountable and ask ourselves, “Have I been truly and consistently clear about what I want and need from this person?”

3. Consider people’s confidence and competence before you judge. Too often we get frustrated with people, thinking they are stupid or lazy, when the reality is they simply do not have the competence or confidence needed to do what we ask of them. They don’t have the training or information or experience, so we have to provide that. We can wear humanity’s hat again and say, “This person may not know how to do this. I might need to coach them through this and help them.”

4. Make dealing with others well and with patience part of your character development. Part of one of the supreme virtues of having character is having patience with people. As soon as you start desiring to want to help people, to help them through their pains and struggles, to help them understand something and to inspire them to do better things… once that becomes the lens you’re looking through in the world, now you’re not frustrated with everyone. You’ve become more conscious.

5. Release control. It’s not your job to control every situation. This idea that we can control everything – that’s where we get frustrated. We’re frustrated because we’re lacking control. A new level of consciousness says, “this is a pretty big universe, there’s probably a lot of random stuff that’s going to happen that’s crazy that we cannot anticipate, so our job is to be as present and patient and loving as we can into every situation we enter, even when the stuff hits the fan, even when the kids are running around breaking up the house, even when the teenager comes in and mouths off, even when the employee’s a jerk, even when chaos strikes us.” The only thing you need to control is yourself. Your frustration and impatience is of your own creation. You have to own your reactions and choices in life.

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Do Not Quit No Matter What!!!


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My Morning Thought

Good morning! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend like I did. It was a beautiful weekend in New York. The weather was perfect. I spent my weekend helping students and attending church with one of my good friends. After church we went to Melba’s restaurant on West 114 street. I had their famous egg not chicken waffles. The food was good and the company was great! I enjoy having a nice brunch with good conversations about mostly everything. It was amazing in the conversation with one of the guest we found that we have a lot in common and her husband attended Cornell University with one of my old friends. Small world right. When I was at Church and at the brunch I did not thing about anything but living in the present. I did not think about yesterday or tomorrow. I was being grateful for now. It is good when you can do this. Since I had a great Sunday I know I will have a fantastic week. I know because God says so. He is with me always. I realized each day to allow God to guide me and ask him everyday to show me how to service you today? He shows me everyday and it is all with attitude and making someone else feel good about themselves.

I wish everyone to have a blessed week. Make it a good one. Do not let anyone have control over your emotions. If someone upsets you at work or anywhere else do not react in a negative way. All you can do is remain silent as say a prayer for that person who hurt made you upset or angry.

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You Are In Control Of Your Emotions!

You Are In Control Of Your Emotions!

When we step out of our home and into the day to day hustle we are faced with people who are waiting to control our emotions. It is you who have 100% control of your emotions. Do not give people the power to control it. They will manipulate it to work towards their advantage. What may work best is not having the need to be right and putting your ego away.

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