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What does Thanksgiving mean to you?

Family Having Thanksgiving Dinner

What does Thanksgiving mean to you? Do you wait for the Thanksgiving holiday to be thankful and eat with your family? Some people look forward to Thanksgiving because it is the only day of the year family and friends can get together to eat a good dinner and catch up. We allow ourselves to be so busy to the point we don’t have time to sit at the dinner table to enjoy a nice meal with people you love and to have a good conversation. We get caught up with worldly things and we forget to be thankful for what is important in our lives everyday like waking up every morning. People do not realize it is therapeutic and healthy to have a home cooked dinner with good company and to show gratitude everyday. Ask yourself when was the last time you had a home cooked dinner with family friends consistently? You do not have to wait for Thanksgiving to do it.
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