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Are You Pretty Privileged?

In this picture Jennifer Garner has “Pretty Privilege.”

Has anyone heard of this Pretty Privilege thing? What does it mean? Why does it effect so many people? Do you think pretty/beautiful people tend to have more advantage? To answer these questions we must first define “pretty privilege.” I define pretty privilege as someone who has the look society wants and is able to have special treatment because of their pretty and beautiful look. I know I experienced the opposite. When my friend and I go out to a lounge or event, my friend who is taller with long straight hair and has a fabulous figure will get more attention from the waiters and bartenders. They would attend to her faster. I was ignored. I still have a body of a teenager. That is another story. But I did notice the difference how my friend was treated. She has pretty privilege.

Society puts so much pressure on women and men to have the right body, hair, flawless face, and designer clothes to have “Pretty Privilege.” Our young generation are falling into the same trap we fell into. We all want that “Pretty Privilege.” But not all of us will get it. The ones that don’t get it have to work harder to get it. I feel if you are beautiful in the inside it will shine on the outside. However, society goes by looks first then personality second.

In this picture Jennifer Garner will have to work harder.

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What to Wear for the Memorial Weekend Holiday?


Memorial weekend is a few weeks away. Do you know what you are wearing to your Memorial weekend parties? You can wear the traditional white gear or come to the party being bold and different by wearing a different color. Whatever you decide to wear, you will look cool and fashionable!

This polka dot dress looks nice to wear to dinner with friends or even a nice date on Memorial weekend.

Now that is a KOOL look to wear to a lounge.

Love the dress and the shoes. Perfect colors. The can be worn to a date the.

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No Reason To Feel Angry, Mad, Sad, and Frustrated!


Most people are angry, mad, sad, and frustrated. It is starting to get serious when they take out their emotions on innocent people. People need to realize they are in control of their emotions and cannot allow their environment dictate how they should feel. No matter what is happening in your life, it is how you react to the situation that defines your true character. Before you get emotional about something or someone take a step back and ask yourself how did you  get to this point? You made the choice to put yourself in this position. So why get angry, mad, sad, and frustrated? The simple answer to get out of your frustration is make the choice to make better decisions. Learn to follow your instincts and your inner voice. Stop worrying about what other people are thinking or saying about you. It is stressful when you try to live your life pleasing everyone. If you live your life with integrity and honor your words, you will live a happier life. Say what you feel and stand by your words. Be authentic with who you are.

There is no reason to get angry, mad, sad, and frustrated when you are the cause of it. Forgive yourself and move on from the experience. Do your best to step back and take the deepest breathe you can take before you react.

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Karrueche Tran on Iyanla “Fix My Life.”


Did you watch Karrueche Tran on Iyanla “Fix My Life.”? What did you think?

Iyanla did a great job in helping Karrueche through her healing process. We all have to admit breaking up with someone you care about is emotional and draining.  As I watched the show last night I was hurting for Karrueche for the lack of support by other women. I was disappointed when she mentioned there were women who tweeted negative words about her past relationship with Chris Brown. It was Karrueche’s choice to turn  to social media about her issues with Chris Brown. She expressed her sadness and betrayal therefore she had a lot of unwelcomed words.  She also shared her pain with the world last night by being on Iyanla “Fix My Life.” She invited the world to be in her personal life. It is her choice to express her pain the way she feels it is best. If it helps her release the anger and frustration she is dealing with, then so be it. I hope she does not have any regrets from being on the show last night. I think it was very therapeutic for her to release her  hurt any way necessary. She made a good decision to be on “Fix My Life.” Iyanla was the best person to listen to her issues. Iyanla helped Karrueche understand her behavior and actions. I believe Karrueche was enlightened by Iyanla. I would like Karrueche to know it is ok to cry, be angry, be frustrated, and be sad. It is ok to be authentic with your feelings and who cares who sees it or reads about it. This is how you are feeling now. Face your feelings and express it. Do not ignore it or suppress it. My advise for karrueche is never think your relationship with Chris Brown was a mistake. There is a reason God allowed you and Chris to meet. He was in your life to help you learn a lesson and to know your strengths and weaknesses. I believe Karrueche will overcome this hurt by staying true to herself, loving herself, and still have the ability to love again. The best thing for Karrueche to practice is forgiving herself and Chris. All she can do now is pray for him and love him from a distance.

By Lovely Haitian

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Do Not Bring Drama Into Your Life!


Having drama in your life is not healthy. The world can be crazy and you can easily get sucked in all the craziness. But you have to stay true to yourself to avoid the drama. Look around and see who is causing drama in your life. Do not point the fingers at anyone but yourself. You cause your own drama by associating with people who love it! When you cannot be authentic the drama will follow. You can easily disassociate yourself with people who do nothing but gossip, lie, and are miserable. The worst drama is when you find yourself competing with others and try to have more than they do. This is unnecessary. Learn to be happy for others blessings. Do not worry about what you do not have. Be grateful for what you do have. When you are humble, honest, and honor your words the drama will end. We know when you live in drama you are living a stressful life. You want a stress free and happy life. Make an effort to always walk away from drama and say goodbye to people who love drama. Mary J. Blige sung it best “No More Drama.” Live for yourself, love yourself, and laugh at drama.

By Lovely Haitian

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Spring Cleaning Your Life!


The first day of Spring was last week and most people have completed Spring Cleaning their homes. But, did they also Spring Clean their life? We always have a chance to start new and fresh. However, when you take that step to begin a new chapter in your life, make sure you do a good and healthy Spring Cleaning on your mind, body, and soul. If you are not clean in the inside  the outside will not look clean. There are several steps to Spring Clean your life. The first step is to make better choices when you go grocery shopping. Stock up on healthier products in your freshly Spring Clean home. There is a saying “You are what you eat.” This is true. If you would like to look healthy in the outside, start first in what you are putting in your mind, body, and soul. You should also stock up on chemical free products you use on your body like facial cream, body lotion, soap, and shampoo. Read the ingredients on the products before you purchase them. The next step is to exercise for 15 minutes a day. You can do any type of exercise in your home. The best 15 minute workout is jump roping. It works every part of your body. A person will break a sweat or 2 just by jump roping Jumping Jack is also good. If you love to dance then do it for 15 minutes. That is another good workout. Dancing makes a person feel great. Awesome cardio exercise. The third step to Spring Clean your life is to think positive thoughts about life. Focus on the now. Be around positive people. Do not invite toxic people to your Spring Clean life and home. All you can do is pray for them and give them that distance love. Stress can hurt your mind, body, and soul. The goal is to keep your mind, body, and soul healthy. Let go of them. Spring has sprung and summer is near, you deserve to enjoy every second of it.

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Office Look I Would Wear!


Great for work and after work!

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Love the Look!

stripe pencil skirt

I believe stripes are making a comeback this summer. I would wear this look to work in the Spring and Summer.

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Single People Can Have Fun In the Summer Too!

single people dancing

Most break ups happen in the Spring time. People want to be free to date other people in the summer time. But not to worry. If you recently had your heart broken, embrace it and deal with the hurt. Look forward to an awesome summer. Single people are able to get up and go whenever and wherever they please. They are in charge of their own plans. That is the best feeling. Single people do not have to ask permission to cancel date night to go out with friends. They just go and meet up with their friends and meet more new people. Do not be afraid to come out of your shell. Be an extravert and make a new friend every time you go out to a lounge, concert,  barbecue, beach, and having lunch in the park. It is a known fact a person can easily make friends when they are out alone. A person is more approachable when alone.

Single people can have fun in the summer too . A person does not always have to be in a relationship to have fun in the Summer. A person does not have to be  afraid to go to a barbecue or a lounge alone. He/She will meet people on his/her own. Remember to always be safe when going out alone.

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They have sprung into Spring!


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