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A LEO Woman is #1

5DFBF013-D4AE-4F77-9E2D-0A9232579C6BMadhura Sansare wrote an article on being a LEO. She stated, “A Leo woman is almost too easy to spot, even in a crowd. Just like her sun sign, she’ll always be in the lead, deciding what needs to be done and how to do it. She’s a born leader.” I agree. LEOs are  loyal and straight forward. We are the best lovers and have a way of flirting innocently. I am proud to be a LEO. Check out Madhura’s article by clicking this link


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The best and only thing you can do for yourself is appreciate your life and live it!

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When you have a clear vision of your desires make sure you ask for it and have the confidence to know your desires will be a reality.

Lovely Haitian

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Remember we have the ability to manifest the things we want for ourselves. To do this you have to follow the path of allowing.

Lovely Haitian

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Gratitude and a positive attitude will get you through it!

Lovely Haitian

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Never give up on yourself. You can count on you!

Lovely Haitian

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Make the best of every second of the day. Time is ticking quickly.

Lovely Haitian

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Complications in life helps you to become a problem solver.

Lovely Haitian.

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Be consistent with what you love to do and always honor your words. It will payoff at the end.


Lovely Haitian.


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Rodanb + Fields A Letter To You.

Napkin-PresentationI hope this letter finds you well! I just wanted to write and say hello, and share my big news with you!

I’ve just started a business with the creators of Proactiv. They are now doing for aging what they did for

acne. Their new company is called Rodan + Fields, and was first launched into high end retail stores, where

it became a top selling clinical skincare brand in stores like Nordstroms. In an effort to reach more people,

they decided to successfully leave retail and go into direct sales. I have joined them.

We are now launching in your area and I’m looking for leaders to partner with to help us meet the demand.

We are looking for dynamic, driven people who want capitalize on joining us in the beginning!

Who do you know? I’m looking for referrals!

Here are a few factors that make this such a powerful opportunity right now:

1) You can be in at the beginning!

The company just launched into the United States a few years ago – and we are now launching your area!

We have plans to go international! We are looking for leaders we can train to the top to grow their local

market, and spring board from there!

2) Residual income available!

I’m sure you’re aware how important it is to have residual income. With our program, we have results

oriented skincare- as people continue to use it (some have used Proactiv for decades) this gives us a great

base. We also get paid 3 ways, most of them being residual: Customer sales, team volume, and bonuses

Our plan is said to be the most lucrative in the industry.

3) The products fill a huge market demand- everyone with skin!

Our Drs are practicing physicians with award winning anti-aging practices in the Bay Area of California.

They carry our products in their practices- and these products have gotten more unpaid for media coverage

(readers and editors choice awards) than any skincare company, and all of the direct selling companies


Our target market is everyone, with skin! We’re all aging all the time….that’s actually good news for us!

Everyone is looking for a solution- and we have it! We received major media coverage each month with

our new Amp MD Anti-Aging System! The month it launched, we were on the cover of Allure

Magazine, then we were on the Today Show, and we are now up for nomination for the “Best of Beauty

Award” in Allure Magazine! That’s like the Oscars for skincare!

Because of the demand, this ensures you have a stable business and income for years to come!

I will follow up with you in a few days to see what your thoughts are, and if you know anyone who is

looking for a change- and wants chat and hear about the opportunity in a positive, professional way…..OR

if there is anyone you know with a skincare challenge- the Drs can offer them the best skin of their life, and

they back it with a 60 day empty bottle guarantee!

Thanks so much for your support! I build my business on referrals, and would appreciate yours! I’m excited

to chat and catch up! Here’s a quick 5 minute video you can watch before we chat:


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