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All I have To Say is….

When you are going through the toughest time in your life, have faith and believe God will guide you to where you need to be. Do not feel discouraged or hopeless. You are not alone even when you feel you have know one there to help you. Never give up just keep on giving your best. I truly believe bad experiences and situations only makes you a wiser, better and stronger person. Embrace the journey without fear and the unknown. You will be fine.


Lovely Haitian

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No Reason To Feel Angry, Mad, Sad, and Frustrated!


Most people are angry, mad, sad, and frustrated. It is starting to get serious when they take out their emotions on innocent people. People need to realize they are in control of their emotions and cannot allow their environment dictate how they should feel. No matter what is happening in your life, it is how you react to the situation that defines your true character. Before you get emotional about something or someone take a step back and ask yourself how did you  get to this point? You made the choice to put yourself in this position. So why get angry, mad, sad, and frustrated? The simple answer to get out of your frustration is make the choice to make better decisions. Learn to follow your instincts and your inner voice. Stop worrying about what other people are thinking or saying about you. It is stressful when you try to live your life pleasing everyone. If you live your life with integrity and honor your words, you will live a happier life. Say what you feel and stand by your words. Be authentic with who you are.

There is no reason to get angry, mad, sad, and frustrated when you are the cause of it. Forgive yourself and move on from the experience. Do your best to step back and take the deepest breathe you can take before you react.

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Do Not Bring Drama Into Your Life!


Having drama in your life is not healthy. The world can be crazy and you can easily get sucked in all the craziness. But you have to stay true to yourself to avoid the drama. Look around and see who is causing drama in your life. Do not point the fingers at anyone but yourself. You cause your own drama by associating with people who love it! When you cannot be authentic the drama will follow. You can easily disassociate yourself with people who do nothing but gossip, lie, and are miserable. The worst drama is when you find yourself competing with others and try to have more than they do. This is unnecessary. Learn to be happy for others blessings. Do not worry about what you do not have. Be grateful for what you do have. When you are humble, honest, and honor your words the drama will end. We know when you live in drama you are living a stressful life. You want a stress free and happy life. Make an effort to always walk away from drama and say goodbye to people who love drama. Mary J. Blige sung it best “No More Drama.” Live for yourself, love yourself, and laugh at drama.

By Lovely Haitian

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Always remember what you feel inside will show outside. It is important to feed your mind, body, and soul with positive thoughts. Believe in yourself and trust your instincts. What you think about yourself will show by your actions. Walk with a great posture and have a smile on your face. Do not be afraid to have eye contact with other people you encounter. Never look down.

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My Thoughts

It is very important to wake up in the morning with being grateful to what you have. Start the morning with a prayer thanking God for all his blessings. He gives us the strength to face our daily challenges. If you are feeling in some way this morning, shake it off. Before you leave your home look in the mirror and say “I have control over my emotions. I will make the choice to be happy and make someone smile today. I will not allow anyone to have control over my emotions. Whatever situation I am in today, I will react positively.” Life is really short so why waste it with a negative attitude and anger. It is not worth it. Live, Love, and Laugh!

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Can you please cover your mouth and nose?


Can You Please Cover Your Mouth and Nose?

It is that time of the year when most people easily catch colds and the flu. There are millions of people riding the trains, buses and traveling on the airplanes every day. We are aware the nasty germs and viruses linger everywhere. When a person coughs or sneezes without covering their mouth then the next person may get sick from breathing in the same air the person spread his/her germs. How can people protect themselves from not getting the cold or the flu?

How many times have you sat next to a person and suddenly that person sneezed or coughed without covering their mouth or nose? Did you accept it?  Did you ask the person to cover his/her mouth and nose? It is not rude to make that request. Chances are the person’s germs and virus was able to travel in you. If your immune system was not strong enough to fight the germs and virus then you may get sick. Who wants to be sick?

The best way to prevent from catching a cold or the flu is to avoid sitting near someone who is sick. If you have no choice but to sit next to a person who is coughing or sneezing behind or in front of you then wear a mask. Try not to touch anything and if you do, sanitize your hands. During the holiday season you are going to visit family or attend parties, avoid the hugs, kisses, and handshakes. A hello is fine. Your family and friends, who know you well, will understand. The most important thing to do from getting sick is to take care of yourself mentally and physically. When you are stress free your immune system is stronger. When you are eating healthy foods that will build your immune system, it will be hard for you to get sick. The next time you are on the bus, train, or airplane and someone is coughing without covering his/her mouth, you ask politely “Can you please cover your mouth and nose?”

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The Holiday Season is not the Time to Feel Lonely!


The Holiday Season is not the Time to Feel Lonely!

The holiday season is a time when people should be with family and friends. Do not concern yourself with not being in a relationship this time of year. Embrace the people who have been with you all through the years and enjoy the holidays with them.

The holiday season is a time of joy and happiness. Take the time to be grateful for the people who are in your life now. Do not lose the moment by being pensive about being single. The single people who feel lonely during the season are really not lonely. They fail to see they are never alone. People always have the choice on how they will enjoy their holiday. It is all about having confidence from within to not feel lonely.

Here are 10 things a person can do to not feel lonely during the holiday season:

  1. Invite your closest friends to your place for dinner and cocktails
  2. Volunteer at a homeless shelter.
  3. Go to church and praise the lord.
  4. Be grateful for the people in your life and show them how you appreciate them.
  5. Know that it is not about you it is about bringing joy to someone else.
  6. Check on a sick or elderly neighbor and spend some quality time with them.
  7. Do something that will make you feel good about yourself.
  8. Go to a comedy club and laugh out loud.
  9. Call up an old friend you have not spoken to in years and say Happy Holidays!
  10. Take a road trip to a city or state you would love to explore.

There are so many more things a person can do to shake the holiday blues away and be joyous. It is making the choice to be and stay happy. A person does not have to feel lonely and feel sorry for him or herself during the holidays.

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My Good Friend Is In Heaven


My good friend and I in Jamaica. She is in pink.

My Good Friend is in Heaven

Yesterday evening I received a text regarding my good friend. The last time I spoke with her was in October. She sounded excited about upcoming events and she shared the goals she achieved in the month of October with me. I told her how happy I was for her and I am looking forward to attending one of her upcoming events to support her. Unfortunately, the text I received about my good friend was devastating. She passed away on November 19th.  When she did not respond to my texts in November and a few weeks ago, I figured she was busy planning for her events. I was shocked. I wanted answers. I could not believe it! My beautiful, caring, loving mother and good friend is no longer on earth. I thought of her mother and her son whom she loved dearly. I had to reach out to them immediately.

My heart is aching. I lost a dear friend. I knew her since I was in college. She was my hair stylist. I remember when we had our first encounter at the salon at Green Acres Mall back in 1992. My hair was damaged and I was desperate to getting back my healthy hair. She saw my frustrations and concern for my hair. She invited me to sit on her chair and told me my hair will be strong again. She treated my hair for months and I saw the improvement. I would only go see her on a weekly basis at the mall and as we became better acquainted, she invited me to her mother’s house where she resided to treat my hair. She not only treated my hair back to health but she mentored me and uplift me. She always encouraged me and supported me. She listened to my men troubles, family problems, and work issues. She was a good listener. She listened to my fears too. One of my fears was flying. I never traveled out of the US during that time. She pushed me to take a vacation with her and her friend to Jamaica. She told me “God will always be with me to protect me so never fear of anything.”  I learned so much from her. She was spiritual and religious. She discussed the bible with me all the time. I watched her be an excellent mother to her son. I was there when she had his first birthday party. I used to go with her to drop him off to karate class. I would listen to her talk about her son and how well he is performing in school. She encouraged him to always be a gentleman and be respectful. She pushed him to go to college and to do well.

I am going to miss my good friend’s voice and words of wisdom. I am going to miss her laugh. I am so shocked to know I will never hear from her. My good friend is in heaven. She will be able to watch over her son, mother, and the people she loved. Rest In Peace my good friend. I love you.

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Women of Strength be Self-Full!


Women off strength understands the importance of being “Self-full.”
It is more than ok to take time each day to pamper yourself and do what makes you happy. When you do not take care of you first, your office and home will be in disarray. Your mind, body, and spirit becomes exhausted to the point you have nothing to give. Make an effort to set aside some time to yourself to enjoy your own company. Promise yourself when you have that time to yourself all you will do is focus on you by pampering yourself. The next best thing to being “Self-full” is to be authentic always and honor your words.
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Office Holiday Party Etiquette


Office Holiday Party Etiquette

It is that time of the year for companies to have their holiday parties. People are looking forward to wearing the latest fashion trends to the party as well as having a good time. But how much of a good time can you have at your office holiday party?

Personally speaking all of my office holiday parties I have attended for the past 20 years, I always remained professional at all times. I never drank at an office holiday party and I always wore the latest fashion trends but I kept my wardrobe professional too.

I witnessed a few of my co-workers act foolish because they drank too much and what they wore was unprofessional to me. Some of the women wore leather pants, micro miniskirts, and tops that showed their cleavage.  The question should you dance at your office holiday party? Of course you should dance but there is a way to dance at your office holiday party! I know I danced. But I danced in a group. I never danced alone or with a male co-worker. I remember I was shocked when my manager danced very close with one of my male co-workers. I thought that was inappropriate and plus my manager was married. She was not professional and she forgot to lead by example.

Here are a few suggestions on how to behave at an office holiday party:

Always arrive early so you can leave early. When you leave early you free yourself from being associated with anything bad that happens. When people come to work the next day, all they can say about you is he/she left the party early. When you arrive early try to greet all key managers who will be at the office holiday party and have a professional light conversation with them. Do not discuss work. By you greeting them and having a professional light conversation with them will allow the key managers to know who you are in the company and they will see that you may have potential to move up. Look your best. Be up with the fashion trends and make sure your wardrobe is neat and professional. For the ladies, do not wear too much make up or perfume. Have that natural fresh look with lip gloss. Do not be the first to eat or the first to get an alcoholic beverage. To play it safe eat before going to the office holiday party this way you will not be starving when you arrive and all you want to do is eat. I personally would not have any alcoholic beverage. I would only have a bottle of water or sparkling water.  Ladies make sure you always get your own drink. Do not trust anyone to get you a drink. You never know who your enemies are at work and which one of them is waiting to see you mess up.

I hope my suggestions were helpful. It is the holiday so be merry and enjoy it. Always remember the people you work with and for are not your family. So you can never be comfortable and let your hair down!

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