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Are You Pretty Privileged?

In this picture Jennifer Garner has “Pretty Privilege.”

Has anyone heard of this Pretty Privilege thing? What does it mean? Why does it effect so many people? Do you think pretty/beautiful people tend to have more advantage? To answer these questions we must first define “pretty privilege.” I define pretty privilege as someone who has the look society wants and is able to have special treatment because of their pretty and beautiful look. I know I experienced the opposite. When my friend and I go out to a lounge or event, my friend who is taller with long straight hair and has a fabulous figure will get more attention from the waiters and bartenders. They would attend to her faster. I was ignored. I still have a body of a teenager. That is another story. But I did notice the difference how my friend was treated. She has pretty privilege.

Society puts so much pressure on women and men to have the right body, hair, flawless face, and designer clothes to have “Pretty Privilege.” Our young generation are falling into the same trap we fell into. We all want that “Pretty Privilege.” But not all of us will get it. The ones that don’t get it have to work harder to get it. I feel if you are beautiful in the inside it will shine on the outside. However, society goes by looks first then personality second.

In this picture Jennifer Garner will have to work harder.

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What is BEAUTY?


Beauty is really from the inside of your spirit and soul. How you feel inside is how you look outside. If your personality is not beautiful it will show from the outside. Keep smiling show your beauty and make someone else smile so they can show their beauty.

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Beauty Is You

Beauty Is You

Beauty is defined by you. Beauty is knowing who you are and being confident. Knowing how to choose and use the right make up for your skin does help a little as well.

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Makeup Can Be Cool

Makeup Can Be Cool

When most women apply makeup is it used to enhance their natural beauty. Women must know beauty comes from within and shines like a diamond on the outside. It is cool to wear makeup to fit your personality. You do not have to over do it just make sure it will match your beautiful personality. Take this What’s your makeup quiz.
and check out other makeup transformations:

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