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What Are Your Values?

on March 29, 2017



Having values is important in life. It helps you to define what really should matter in your life and household. Only you can establish values that are right for you. Never follow someone else’s values but you can respect it.

There are good and bad values which can help you measure your life’s failures and successes.  Good values are controlled and bad values are not controlled. Example, you can control being an honest person. It is authentic and when you are authentic with others, they benefit from it. Bad values are not controlled.  You cannot control how people feel about you. It will be unrealistic to believe everybody likes you. One of the values for some people is to be popular. Now that is a bad value to have or want. How does this person define himself or herself with believing popularity equals success? Which we know that is complete bull!

If everyone had a strong sense of self-worth and self-efficacy, they would have good values in their lives. However, since we live in the real world, not everyone have self-worth and self-efficacy therefore they have bad values.

Remember good values are achieved internally like honesty and bad values rely on external events like being popular.  But also keep in mind when you have bad values all you are doing is focusing on things that do not matter.

What are your values and how have your values helped you become who you are today? Please be hones when you post your answer.


By Lovely Haitian

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