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Direct Marketing The Business Of Today

on November 26, 2015

multiple ways to earn

Direct Marketing has come a long way. There are some people who maybe reluctant to be part of this growing business. But in my opinion Direct Marketing is the way to go to generate extra income. You become in control of the amount of money you earn because it is your business.

One of the top best Direct Marketing Businesses of today is Rodan + Fields. It actually started  in 2002 by 2 dermatologist who developed Proactive. Their concept was to not only sell skin care but to make other people partners in their business by have people who are interested enroll as Sales Consultants. In conducting my research I learned Rodan + Fields is a well thought out business plan that can help many people achieve their financial goals.

As of November 19, 2015 I enrolled as a Sales Consultant. I am excited about my new business journey to financial freedom. I have the right attitude to be a Sales Consultant for Rodan + Fields because I believe in their products and I love helping others achieve their goals. I will be posting my experiences with Rodan + Fields daily to share with others how you to can be a sales consultant. I encourage you if you are searching to explore new business opportunities and would like to help people at the same time while you grow your business, join my journey ( I am in the process now of building my team and if you would like to join my team enroll @ I would like for you to be passionate, driven, determined, coachable, and enthusiastic.


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