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Karrueche Tran on Iyanla “Fix My Life.”

on March 29, 2015


Did you watch Karrueche Tran on Iyanla “Fix My Life.”? What did you think?

Iyanla did a great job in helping Karrueche through her healing process. We all have to admit breaking up with someone you care about is emotional and draining.  As I watched the show last night I was hurting for Karrueche for the lack of support by other women. I was disappointed when she mentioned there were women who tweeted negative words about her past relationship with Chris Brown. It was Karrueche’s choice to turn  to social media about her issues with Chris Brown. She expressed her sadness and betrayal therefore she had a lot of unwelcomed words.  She also shared her pain with the world last night by being on Iyanla “Fix My Life.” She invited the world to be in her personal life. It is her choice to express her pain the way she feels it is best. If it helps her release the anger and frustration she is dealing with, then so be it. I hope she does not have any regrets from being on the show last night. I think it was very therapeutic for her to release her  hurt any way necessary. She made a good decision to be on “Fix My Life.” Iyanla was the best person to listen to her issues. Iyanla helped Karrueche understand her behavior and actions. I believe Karrueche was enlightened by Iyanla. I would like Karrueche to know it is ok to cry, be angry, be frustrated, and be sad. It is ok to be authentic with your feelings and who cares who sees it or reads about it. This is how you are feeling now. Face your feelings and express it. Do not ignore it or suppress it. My advise for karrueche is never think your relationship with Chris Brown was a mistake. There is a reason God allowed you and Chris to meet. He was in your life to help you learn a lesson and to know your strengths and weaknesses. I believe Karrueche will overcome this hurt by staying true to herself, loving herself, and still have the ability to love again. The best thing for Karrueche to practice is forgiving herself and Chris. All she can do now is pray for him and love him from a distance.

By Lovely Haitian

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