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Do Not Bring Drama Into Your Life!

on March 29, 2015


Having drama in your life is not healthy. The world can be crazy and you can easily get sucked in all the craziness. But you have to stay true to yourself to avoid the drama. Look around and see who is causing drama in your life. Do not point the fingers at anyone but yourself. You cause your own drama by associating with people who love it! When you cannot be authentic the drama will follow. You can easily disassociate yourself with people who do nothing but gossip, lie, and are miserable. The worst drama is when you find yourself competing with others and try to have more than they do. This is unnecessary. Learn to be happy for others blessings. Do not worry about what you do not have. Be grateful for what you do have. When you are humble, honest, and honor your words the drama will end. We know when you live in drama you are living a stressful life. You want a stress free and happy life. Make an effort to always walk away from drama and say goodbye to people who love drama. Mary J. Blige sung it best “No More Drama.” Live for yourself, love yourself, and laugh at drama.

By Lovely Haitian

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