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My Good Friend Is In Heaven

on December 13, 2014


My good friend and I in Jamaica. She is in pink.

My Good Friend is in Heaven

Yesterday evening I received a text regarding my good friend. The last time I spoke with her was in October. She sounded excited about upcoming events and she shared the goals she achieved in the month of October with me. I told her how happy I was for her and I am looking forward to attending one of her upcoming events to support her. Unfortunately, the text I received about my good friend was devastating. She passed away on November 19th.  When she did not respond to my texts in November and a few weeks ago, I figured she was busy planning for her events. I was shocked. I wanted answers. I could not believe it! My beautiful, caring, loving mother and good friend is no longer on earth. I thought of her mother and her son whom she loved dearly. I had to reach out to them immediately.

My heart is aching. I lost a dear friend. I knew her since I was in college. She was my hair stylist. I remember when we had our first encounter at the salon at Green Acres Mall back in 1992. My hair was damaged and I was desperate to getting back my healthy hair. She saw my frustrations and concern for my hair. She invited me to sit on her chair and told me my hair will be strong again. She treated my hair for months and I saw the improvement. I would only go see her on a weekly basis at the mall and as we became better acquainted, she invited me to her mother’s house where she resided to treat my hair. She not only treated my hair back to health but she mentored me and uplift me. She always encouraged me and supported me. She listened to my men troubles, family problems, and work issues. She was a good listener. She listened to my fears too. One of my fears was flying. I never traveled out of the US during that time. She pushed me to take a vacation with her and her friend to Jamaica. She told me “God will always be with me to protect me so never fear of anything.”  I learned so much from her. She was spiritual and religious. She discussed the bible with me all the time. I watched her be an excellent mother to her son. I was there when she had his first birthday party. I used to go with her to drop him off to karate class. I would listen to her talk about her son and how well he is performing in school. She encouraged him to always be a gentleman and be respectful. She pushed him to go to college and to do well.

I am going to miss my good friend’s voice and words of wisdom. I am going to miss her laugh. I am so shocked to know I will never hear from her. My good friend is in heaven. She will be able to watch over her son, mother, and the people she loved. Rest In Peace my good friend. I love you.

One response to “My Good Friend Is In Heaven

  1. loycemkavita says:

    sorry for the loss dear….let her soul rest in peace

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