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Office Holiday Party Etiquette

on November 29, 2014


Office Holiday Party Etiquette

It is that time of the year for companies to have their holiday parties. People are looking forward to wearing the latest fashion trends to the party as well as having a good time. But how much of a good time can you have at your office holiday party?

Personally speaking all of my office holiday parties I have attended for the past 20 years, I always remained professional at all times. I never drank at an office holiday party and I always wore the latest fashion trends but I kept my wardrobe professional too.

I witnessed a few of my co-workers act foolish because they drank too much and what they wore was unprofessional to me. Some of the women wore leather pants, micro miniskirts, and tops that showed their cleavage.  The question should you dance at your office holiday party? Of course you should dance but there is a way to dance at your office holiday party! I know I danced. But I danced in a group. I never danced alone or with a male co-worker. I remember I was shocked when my manager danced very close with one of my male co-workers. I thought that was inappropriate and plus my manager was married. She was not professional and she forgot to lead by example.

Here are a few suggestions on how to behave at an office holiday party:

Always arrive early so you can leave early. When you leave early you free yourself from being associated with anything bad that happens. When people come to work the next day, all they can say about you is he/she left the party early. When you arrive early try to greet all key managers who will be at the office holiday party and have a professional light conversation with them. Do not discuss work. By you greeting them and having a professional light conversation with them will allow the key managers to know who you are in the company and they will see that you may have potential to move up. Look your best. Be up with the fashion trends and make sure your wardrobe is neat and professional. For the ladies, do not wear too much make up or perfume. Have that natural fresh look with lip gloss. Do not be the first to eat or the first to get an alcoholic beverage. To play it safe eat before going to the office holiday party this way you will not be starving when you arrive and all you want to do is eat. I personally would not have any alcoholic beverage. I would only have a bottle of water or sparkling water.  Ladies make sure you always get your own drink. Do not trust anyone to get you a drink. You never know who your enemies are at work and which one of them is waiting to see you mess up.

I hope my suggestions were helpful. It is the holiday so be merry and enjoy it. Always remember the people you work with and for are not your family. So you can never be comfortable and let your hair down!

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