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Has the Bond of Sisterhood Disintegrated Amongst Women today?

on November 1, 2014


Has the Bond of Sisterhood Disintegrated Amongst Women today?

Women’s Rights Movement began in 1848. Women gathered together to fight for their rights. During the movement, women did not have time to back stab each other or fight against each other. They walked with purpose for each other for all men and women to be treated equally. The Women Rights Movements focused on serious issues which limited women’s rights such as family responsibilities, a lack of educational and economic opportunities, and the absence of a voice in political debates.

Today it seems most women are fighting and competing against each other. Gossiping behind each other’s back, disrespecting each other by sleeping with another woman’s man, calling each other horrible names, getting into physical altercations, and initiate rumors about each other. How and why did this all happen? It is sad when most women are unable to get along.

A few weeks ago there was an article regarding an altercation between Geneva Thomas and Melyssa Ford from “Blood, Sweat, and Heels” Reality Show on Bravo. It was sad to read about 2 intelligent women at a lovely boat ride getting into a serious argument which lead to one them having to go to the hospital to get 3 stiches on the head. The majority of the Reality Shows are portraying women negatively. It is unfortunate most of these women in the Reality Show are allowing the world to see how most women cannot be friends, care for each other, and stand by each other.

Women need to remember how it was challenging for us to have our voices heard and be treated equally. Women stood by each other back then to fight a common cause which was to receive respect in the work place, in politics, television,  and at home. Instead of fighting and competing against each other, we need to build the bond of sisterhood and stand by and for each other.

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