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My Morning Thought

on September 15, 2014

Good morning! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend like I did. It was a beautiful weekend in New York. The weather was perfect. I spent my weekend helping students and attending church with one of my good friends. After church we went to Melba’s restaurant on West 114 street. I had their famous egg not chicken waffles. The food was good and the company was great! I enjoy having a nice brunch with good conversations about mostly everything. It was amazing in the conversation with one of the guest we found that we have a lot in common and her husband attended Cornell University with one of my old friends. Small world right. When I was at Church and at the brunch I did not thing about anything but living in the present. I did not think about yesterday or tomorrow. I was being grateful for now. It is good when you can do this. Since I had a great Sunday I know I will have a fantastic week. I know because God says so. He is with me always. I realized each day to allow God to guide me and ask him everyday to show me how to service you today? He shows me everyday and it is all with attitude and making someone else feel good about themselves.

I wish everyone to have a blessed week. Make it a good one. Do not let anyone have control over your emotions. If someone upsets you at work or anywhere else do not react in a negative way. All you can do is remain silent as say a prayer for that person who hurt made you upset or angry.

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