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Do You Want To Know The Secrets Of A Man’s Mind?

on August 23, 2014


Alright ladies! I recommend this book to married and single women to read to get an insight about how the man’s mind work. Women have read so many books on men and relationships. But for some reason, most of us are still baffled. The things we allow the man that we love put us through. We do have a choice to end the insanity of being manipulated by the men out there. I honestly believe we can shield ourselves by first developing confidence and listening to our instincts. We should be strong enough to not allow any man break us down or confuse us. When we have confidence, we will set expectations for the man who is trying to get us. When we have confidence we will not be afraid to say what we want. We will be forward and outspoken about our desires and needs. Confidence will make us honest with ourselves and partner. The experiences we have encountered in life can make us doubt ourselves. But do not go down that road. Instead look at the person who is trying to manipulate you and smile inside and always be a step ahead of them by not having the need to control him and get answers. All we can do is control how we react to the experience. Fight that urge to nag, get angry, snoop, fight with the other woman, and play tit for tat. It is not worth it. Take all that energy and put it to better use. Remember ladies, if the man in your life is making you feel and thing negatively then it is time to say goodbye amicably. When the relationship ends take it as a lesson learned and how it helped you grow. Life is too short. Stop wasting it on a man who does not know how to care. Time waits for no one. So Live, Love, and Laugh.

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