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My Thoughts for Tonight.

on August 11, 2014

The days and weekends are going by very quickly. We are already in the middle of August which is the last month of the summer. I went to the mall today and I saw Fall and Winter shoes on display. The summer clothes were all on sale and the winter clothes were not on sale. Mothers were out shopping with their kids for back to school. I am not ready to see the summer go away. I have been enjoying every second of the summer. It has been great in New York and New Jersey, I love the sun and hot weather. I feel more energized and enjoy going to all the summer events. All I can say tonight is please do not rush time. Make an effort to live for today. Open your eyes and see today and appreciate it. Go by your window, look outside at the sky and count how many bright stars you see. Stay still and do not think about tomorrow morning. Just think about tonight and what you are doing now. Enjoy the summer night breeze. Smile and be thankful.

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