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A Man Needs To Appreciate His Woman!

on August 6, 2014


Most men in my opinion have a challenge in appreciating their woman or wife. I see it in my friends relationships, my brother’s marriage, and in my own life experiences with  my husband. I honestly feel as women we sacrifice so much. We tend to be the givers and most men are the takers. I am not bashing men at all. But this is from what I have seen. Growing up I watched my mother do so much for my father to make sure he was well cared for and she worked hard both at home and at work. My father did not make her feel appreciated. In my own marriage I have done so much for my husband as a wife should do but his actions does not show any appreciation. I do not understand it or get it. Are most men raised to think they are God’s gift to women? I feel so drain at times always being the giver and not getting anything back. I know we are to give without any expectation which I fully agree. But show me some love and appreciation! It is a constant fight and battle for me to get my husband to take me out or do some things I enjoy to do. He refuses. He gets angry and calls me selfish. I know not all men are this way and I had other men approach me and try to talk to me and I sometimes think will they appreciate me more than my husband? I choose to be faithful till the end. But I have to think of me as well. If my husband continues to treat me like this I am going to have to say goodbye to the marriage and give another man the opportunity to appreciate me. I cannot force my husband to appreciate me. He has to do it on his own and the clock is ticking!

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