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Where are you going with your life?

on August 2, 2014


As children we never thought about our future.  All we cared about was our play time and to watch our favorite cartoons.  When we became teenagers, we thought we would always be in high school dealing with our problems we thought were so serious.  In college we thought we were free and independent doing what we wanted.  Then it finally hit us on the head the day of graduation we would have to face the real world.

 We never were able to explore our true passions because we knew the student loans had to be paid.  All we wanted was a career that would pay us well to begin our student loan payments.  How many of us now know where we are going in life?  Are we happy with the choices we have made which lead us to where we are now?  Most of us would say no and only a small hand would say yes.

 We all must agree that we cannot blame our parents, age, gender, race, nationality, and other family members for not feeling fulfilled.  We had more than one opportunity to “follow the yellow brick road” that could of lead us to a different direction.

One thing is certain we have a purpose on this earth.  I know things happen and we forget the reason God created us to be on this crazy world.  We also forgot about our dreams and what made us happy.   Instead we allowed ourselves to be surrounded by negative people who gossip about others constantly.  How did we get there?   Some people may be afraid to look within themselves to learn more about whom they are or becoming.  Once we have a strong sense of self, we will get a better idea of taking the right direction in our lives instead of having someone guide us to their own direction.  

 Please don’t feel bad or worried about where you are now in your life.  If you are not happy with the road you took, then you have a chance to walk down another road.   The same road you have been walking has probably gotten you walking in circles.  If all you are doing is walking in circles, it can be confusing.  It is ok to learn from your mistakes but it is not ok to live with regrets.  It is possible to live a life with no regrets when you allow yourself to be free.

 Don’t get fooled by the materialistic things you may think are important to obtain.  It is sad that in our society today, people are driven by designer names.  The direction that some people are taking is making designer names more important than themselves.  They begin to love their things more than themselves or people.  This is the reason most people work long hours in a job they hate to continue to live a certain life style they perceive to be accepted by society. 

 I am in my early 40’s and I finally realize where I am going with my life.  I am working on walking in the direction that is best for me.  My choice is to live in peace within myself and start placing my energy on my passion.  Diana Ross has a song titled “Do You Know.”  I first heard it when I was 10 years old and did not understand it but later in life grown to love the song.

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