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Natural Beauty that’s what’s up in 2014!

on July 21, 2014


Natural Beauty that’s what’s up in 2014!

 What is Natural Beauty to you?  Is it allowing the real you to shine?  I define Natural Beauty as being as you are without the makeup, weaves, and nails.  When I go out all I see around me are women who try so hard to live up to an image that is not real.  I see them spend so much money on wigs and weaves just to get that look that they believe society desires.

 In the past I have spent so much money on getting my hair relaxed to achieve the straight hair look.  I didn’t want the nappy look.  I thought that look was ugly.  I thought I was ugly when my hair was not straight and that no man would date me.  Well in 2010 that all changed.  I made the decision to let my nappy hair shine.  I no longer relaxed my hair. I chopped my relaxed ends and only allowed my nappy roots to appear.  I am not going to lie, it was hard at first for me to get reacquainted with the hair I had when I was a little girl.  I did not know what to do with it so I watched every You Tube video on maintaining natural hair.  Now 2 years later I love my hair.  I feel so good with it.  I walk with confidence and I have received compliments from so many people about my natural hair.  I feel free.  I love having the real me shine through.

 Since I became natural, I have met so many women who are natural as well.  At first I thought it was a trend taking place, but one of the women shared with me, she was always natural.  I am noticing so many young girls and women walking out with the twist or twist out styles and the wash n go look.  They do not wear any makeup and they look so beautiful.

 It is amazing to me to see how more women are celebrating their inner beauty and outer beauty by being real with who they are and knowing people accept you for you.  I understand in this world people have their own definition of what is beautiful to them.  They may believe that having the long straight hair and caked up make up is beautiful.  But true beauty is when you can be yourself and loving your physical appearance.

 I believe there is a trend happening and that trend is women are realizing every day that they are beautiful without the weave, relaxer, and make up.  I turn on the television and I see commercials with women with their natural hair and less make up.  Women who are mothers, aunts, sisters, and grandmothers are demonstrating to the younger girls and women that it is a great feeling to be a natural beauty.

Women are ending the madness of allowing society to dictate to us what is beautiful.  We are choosing our natural beauty and it is beautiful.  We are finally learning to be authentic with ourselves and accepting who we are.  We are becoming more confident because of how we perceive ourselves.  We need to continue to allow our natural beauty to shine every second of everyday.


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