I would like to share my thoughts with you.


on July 21, 2014


I believe if we lived in a forgiving world there would be peace and happiness. There are people who are at war with other people. They refuse to let go. How did we become unforgiving? We are so bent on getting revenge on people who have hurt us. I personally say it is not that serious. I have forgiven people in my past and present. I am sure I will forgive in the future too. People who live with an unforgiving heart should know it is only poisoning them. They are causing more harm to themselves physically and mentally. When people hold on to their anger, they will explode inside and will continue to make poor choices. If you want to forgive someone for hurting you, first begin with forgiving yourself. In actuality you are angry at yourself and not the other person. Once you learn to forgive and trust yourself again, you will easily forgive. You do not need to feed off your anger to make you feel safe and good about yourself. You can only accomplish that by being a forgiving person. I honestly think people who do not forgive want to play the victim. They want to feel sorry for themselves. They are weak! I have read so many stories about forgiveness and 1 touched my heart and made me think. If a mother can forgive a murderer for killing her daughter and making her grandson bound to a wheelchair then I can forgive as well. God is love. We need to allow God to show us how we need to service him. We are all God’s children. If you are harboring anger towards someone and you cannot forgive that person, then make it a choice tonight to let it go. Make a choice tonight to forgive yourself and the person who hurt you. It is time you start living, loving, and laughing again. Be strong and forgive. It can be done. Checkout this story I hope it will make your ponder like it made me ponder when I first read it.

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