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Women Must Stop Chasing Men and Let The Men Do All The Chasing!

on July 20, 2014


Women Must Stop Chasing Men and Let The Men Do All The Chasing!


It is a different world today where women are more independent and aggressive. Women are competing with men for the same positions.  Women are running major corporations and doing a great job at it.  However, some women are not doing a great job in attracting men or getting their attention because they are chasing them.


Most women seem not to have a care in the world about asking a man out and being the first one to call a man after a first date.  Some of these women will actually sleep with a man on the first date hoping to develop a relationship with a man.  Most women seem to have forgotten to allow the man to be the one to do all the chasing.


I believe women of today should take some lessons from women of yesterday who behaved like ladies.  They wore clothes that actually covered their bodies and refused to kiss a guy on the first date.  Women back then did not make the first call to the man they liked.  They waited by the phone for the man to call. The men were the ones who did all the asking and paid for the dinner.  According to Beth S, M.D the author of Dating Rules, stated “Men did the asking a lady simply didn’t ask a gentleman out. She didn’t call him either, unless he called her first. Girls and women really did sit by the phone, waiting for a man to call. Plus, with no cell phones, voicemail, or caller I.D., you’d have to be home if you wanted to know he’d called.”

The men back then also were the ones who would go out of their way to pick up the woman to go out on the date he planned.


  I think the reason women seem to be doing more of the chasing is they feel the clock is ticking and they have to rush to the alter with their man.  Most Women want the wedding of their dreams and family so some feel they have to control everything to make it happen for them.


Most women are insecure with themselves and they have the desire to be needed.  When a woman is insecure, she will do anything and everything to try and get the man to propose to her and that is what we as women should not do is chase a man.


Women need to have more self-respect, love, and confidence within them.  If you know you are sexy, beautiful, intelligent, and strong then the man you are trying to attract will know it as well and will chase you.


Most men view women who chase them as being desperate or “thirsty” and that can be a turn off to them.  It has been said so many times men love a challenge and I think that is true.  Some men will not pay attention to someone who makes themselves easy to get and too available.  The best thing to do ladies is to always let the men chase you.


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