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Women need to uplift and respect one another instead of gossiping about each other.

on July 20, 2014


Women need to uplift and respect one another instead of gossiping about each other.


It is sad when women are always against each other.  Women are supposed to be nurturing and caring but they have a hard time showing it.  We seem to gossip behind each other’s back and say hurtful things.  This type of behavior amongst women has been occurring since grammar school.  It continues straight through a woman’s career.


As adults we tend to regress back to our high school behavior by having the need to be in a click to feel important.  I see it in the work place.   During lunch, we gravitate towards going out to eat with the women who we think are the “cool” ones.  There is always a leader in the pack that will initiate gossip and there are always followers who go along with it.


Women are strong, intelligent, and caring.  We can learn a lot from each other.  It should not matter if you are tall, fat, black, or white we should stick together.  It would be so nice to tell one of your female colleagues something nice and encouraging.  When a group of women are out they always seem to spot a woman who is not in the group and say something bad about the clothes she is  wearing or how she is dancing.  Why are women like this?  Is it because they are so insecure?


I recall when I used to go out with my female co-workers; there was a co-worker in the group who spoke negatively about us behind our backs.  I became tired of her bad energy and I removed myself from the group.  I am proud of myself for not being a follower or having the need to be in a click.   Most women who are constantly being negative towards other women are insecure and miserable with themselves.  I truly agree with Mariann Williamson who stated “Our self-perception determines our behavior.”   If we see ourselves as ugly and mean then we treat people that way too.  If women can see themselves as being beautiful and loving people, they will be respectful and caring to others.  They can share all their positive energy with other women.


Most women are jealous of other women for no reason at all.  We should never envy someone for what they have.  We should be happy for each other’s success.  We should uplift each other and encourage each other to achieve their goals.  Some women will continue to put you down so you will not achieve your goals.  They rather see you unhappy and miserable like them.  


We learned about so many well-known good women who made history like Mother Teresa, Helen Keller, and Eleanor Roosevelt. They possessed so much love and kindness towards people.  They were good examples of how women should be towards one another.


When the Women’s Rights Movement was established in 1848, we read about these women who worked together to achieve something positive for all women.  I am sure Susan B.  Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton did not sit around talking about what these other women in the group were wearing or how their hair looked. They were focused on being a good example for all women to fight for their rights.


We need to take a good look at ourselves in the mirror and ask ourselves why we are not being kind to one another? Women need to embrace and uplift each other to be the best they can be by using positive words and ending the gossiping. It starts from making a change with you the individual to be confident and happy with yourself. 


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