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The Best Relationship You Can Have Is Being With Yourself!

on July 19, 2014


The Best Relationship You Can Have Is Being With Yourself!

 I was once guilty of being uncomfortable to be alone with myself.  I always wanted to be with someone.  When I was home, my parents or siblings were home with me.  I never did things alone; I had to have my friends come with me.  If they were unavailable to go somewhere with me, I wouldn’t go.  I never understood the reason I did not like my own company.  As I matured and did a lot of soul searching, I realized that it is time to build a relationship with me.

 I remember when I was in elementary school I did not want to be the little girl in the lunchroom eating alone.  In college, I would not be caught dead eating in the University Center alone.  When I became a career woman, I made sure I developed a friendship with a co-worker to have a buddy to go out with to lunch.  I started thinking how unhealthy this is for me to be an adult and not want to do things by myself.

 One day, I read an article “Being in a Relationship with Yourself” by Rachael R.  White.  She discussed how it is important to have self-love.  I did not want to admit to myself that I did not love myself enough to want to be in a relationship with me.  I did not have the confidence or high self-esteem to go out to lunch alone or go to the movies alone.   How can I ever have a healthy relationship with anyone if I did not enjoy being in a relationship with me?  Rachael stated, “If you have a good relationship with yourself, it is highly likely that you’ll have good relationships with other people. We like being around positive people that like themselves.”

One day I decided to go catch a matinee alone.  At first, I felt weird about it.  I thought people at the movie theater were staring at me and feeling sorry for me.  I exhaled, sat down, and enjoyed a nice movie which was “The Bodyguard.”  I thought to myself how it wasn’t so bad going to the movies alone.  I kind of enjoyed it.  I was glad I took that first step in doing something alone with myself.  I started to go out to lunch by myself at work.  I was learning to love myself and enjoying “my me time”.   I was able to take long walks and think.  I started to become more at peace with my thoughts and love me.


As I began to develop a relationship with myself, I gained confidence and high self-esteem.  I walked with my head up and a bright smile.  I started having more people approach me and wanting to be with me.

 My family and friends noticed the positive change in me.  Now when my husband, friends, or siblings are unable to go out with me I tell them it is ok, I will go alone.  The first time one of my friends heard me say those words, she did not believe me.  When she saw pictures of me at this certain event alone, she was shocked and impressed.  One thing I also realized, when you go out on your own, it is easier to make new friends.

 I enjoy being in a relationship with me.   By taking time to get to know me, I have become a confident woman with a good sense of self.  I appreciate being able to go catch a matinee or go out to lunch by myself.  It is a wonderful feeling.


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