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A Ballerina Is Now An Angel In Heaven

on July 13, 2014


Joie Sellers performs in 'The Nutcracker' in 2013.

Joie Sellers is an angel now dancing in heaven with a smile. She was a 12 year girl full of life and dreams. She was a friend of my niece. They were friends at the age of 5. A few weeks before Joie was killed in a hit and run, my niece, sister, Joie, and her mother along with a bunch of kids with their parents were at Coney Island celebrating the end of school. They were welcoming the summer by going on rides, eating cotton candy, and talking about how they made it through the 7th grade. I did not know Joie but my sister shared with me how Joie was a very sweet, kind, and caring girl. She always had a smile and was respectful to everyone she met. I was touched and heartbroken by her story. Joie’s mother and sister were also badly injured in the accident. They had to go through surgery. They are now recovering and dealing with the very sad news of Joie’s death. Please say a prayer for the family. Here is the story:

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