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A Short Story

on July 4, 2014

Hey! It’s Dawn. Are we still hanging out after work at the Sky Room today? Hey! Dawn. So far so good. We are still good for after work. I invited the other ladies. Work is crazy so I need to get my drink on. I know what you mean Cheryl. It is crazy at my job too. Anyway must go back to work. See you later.

Dawn and Cheryl knew each other since college. Dawn is taller and slimmer than Cheryl. Dawn is a golden brown complexion and Cheryl is dark-skinned. Cheryl has natural short kinky curly hair and wears it with pride.

Cheryl arrived at the Sky Room before the ladies to get a nice spot on the roof top. She orders her usual which is Pinto Grigio. As she waiting for Dawn and the other ladies to arrive she is sipping her drink and listening to the DJ playing Chris Brown “Loyal.” Cheryl was thinking this song should be about how most men are not loyal. Hey girl! A voice shouted. Hey Lisa! I am glad you made it. How are you? I am well Lisa replied as she is sits down. I need a drink. The bottle girl came by the table to order Lisa’s drink. Lisa is a Hispanic woman with a body like JLO. Her hair blond long and straight. She is proud to be a Puerto Rican woman. Lisa orders a glass of Mimosa. Her favorite drink. As Lisa’s drink was served to her the other ladies arrived. Dawn and Latisha. When the ladies are together we become louder with our greetings and ordering more drinks. Lots of laugh and dancing to the DJ’s good selection of music. As we all had our drinks in our hands we tossed to having an awesome night. As Latisha was telling us about her trip to Jamaica 2 weeks ago, a handsome man came walking upstairs to the roof top to meet his friends. I can see Dawn staring at him and smiling giving me a wink and pointing at him saying watch me get his # before the night ends. Cheryl smiled and thought, of course she will. Latisha was going on about her trip to Jamaica and how she had a great time at the Jamaica Grand Resort. Latisha is about 5’4 and light complexioned. She loves wearing her weave. But under that weave is soft natural curly hair. She took out her iPhone to show us some pictures. Dawn got up to the bathroom. On her way back to us, the handsome man got up to walk towards the bar and their eyes met. He spoke first by giving Dawn a compliment. She said thank you. As she sat back down the bottle girl came with a glass of red wine to give to Dawn letting her know it is from the gentleman who complimented you on your smile. Dawn looked at Cheryl with an I told you so look. The handsome man was coming towards our table. He introduced himself to everyone and Dawn moved to make room for him to sit next to her. The other ladies and I continued with our conversation while Dawn and Stephen were getting acquainted.

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